Athletes 10-12

Sports Performance Classes: Monday-Friday

(5:30-7:00am, 4:30-6:00pm or 6:00-7:30pm)

When training younger athletes, our primary focus is developing movement patterns that they will use to develop strength and speed (weightlifting and sprint mechanics basics) using little to no weight at a slower pace to ensure safe, efficient growth (The Fieldhouse Sports Performance Center - weight lifting, lifting training, Ocean Springs MS/ The Fieldhouse in Ocean Springs 

Athletes 13-17

Due to age, athletic ability, and prior exposure to them, the introduction to weightlifting movements is accelerated but as with younger athletes, the individual's ability to perform tasks correctly will dictate the speed at which new movements are introduced. Our primary focus with older athletes is to achieve mastery of weightlifting and sprint movements through exposure to higher volume AND intensity with the end goal of optimal performance when their sports season begins.


Olympic Weightlifting Classes


Strictly for the sport of Competitive Weightlifting (Snatch and Clean&Jerk). (The Fieldhouse is the only facility on the Mississippi gulf coast that offers this for youth athletes)3 Days per week.

Off Season 4 Day

Created for athletes not in season who may have some training for a sport (i.e. Pitching, hitting practice once or twice per week)

Off Season 3 Day

Geared towards athletes that are not yet in season but may have sport training 1-3 days per week

In Season 2 Day

Lower volume/intensity maintenance program for athletes currently in season for their sport. In season strength training is a vital component of staying healthy and not losing strength gained in the off season. 2 days per week